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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Send the FIRE @ Chipping Campden

We've a special night for the 14s+ this weekend as an advance to the rest of the years program. Chipping Campden have invited us to their youth evening of praise and teaching with their collective youth groups from Shipston, Bidiford and Campden.

We can go in convoy this Saturday 7.30pm at Chipping Campden Baptist church, we can meet up in Bourton & Stow for transport at 6.45pm..

...keep in touch...Andrew
More info to follow


Anonymous Patrick said...

Should be able to come,
hope so.

2:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was soooo totaly awesome! gotta do that agen!! ahh! ok so we have to get as good as their worship team! defo! love yahs!
caz xoxo

8:31 pm  
Anonymous Patrick said...

yeh, like Caz said, that was a simply immense worship! defo a great example of what it means to praise God, and an inspiration for us to follow, ...we're gona raise that roof at Stow!!!

2:44 pm  

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