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Monday, September 05, 2005

Great night indeed!

I think it has to be said that Beth and Carl win the Cherio competition...I couldn't count them all...Great night and really enjoyed everyone's good humour when getting plastered with water...cream and the weak efforts to put the iced T-shirts on...

Patrick...you win the competition "How to look in real pain while picking a cereal box up of the floor with your teeth ..." ha ha


Anonymous Patrick said...

Hahahahaha! Yeh, thanks. Some brilliantly absurd games there. Can't wait to see what's in store for next time.

7:56 pm  
Blogger andrew@stonepavement said...

Patrick...I could never pick something off the floor just 1 inch off the ground...with my teeth!!...even our Matt took longer than you did.... :-)

6:32 am  
Blogger come2terms said...

HAH! that was so much fun!!that was an aweseome night! gettin whippy cream in my hair wos a bit wierd but hey! it was sooo cool! how old to kids have to be for the youth again?? just cheking cuz my mate in year 7 wants to come. love yahz all!
caz xoxo

5:48 pm  
Blogger David Ketter said...

Here's a youth game idea from the States:

get some shaving cream (lots of it) and split the group into teams of four or five. One person on the team will be selected to be the "subject" (as it were). They will sit down in a chair (it might be a good idea to make sure that their clothes and the area around the chair are covered...like with garbage bags. We poke a hole in the top and slide their head through it). On signal, the teams put the shaving cream on the top of their subject's head (as little or as much as they want) and do their best to be creative (obviously no problem for this group!) and mold the shaving cream (with the hair...). Some past creations in my old group were sea monsters, a hand holding paper bills (genius, I have to say), etc.

You have a panel of judges (usually not youth) who tell everyone to stop, etc. and then they inspect them one-by-one. They are judged on creativity, originality, and, of course, how ridiculous the subject looks. :D


1:19 pm  
Anonymous beth said...

Even though the cream made everything smell ..well lets just say not very nice... it was an awesome night and i really enjoyed it!

3:41 pm  

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